Shall we dive deeper…..
……to uncover insights and work towards foresight?

Mutrition supports professionals at Dutch based food companies with strategic marketing, market intelligence and nutritional concepting. Through self-learning consultancy your acknowledged value through uniqueness is secured as well as the return on intelligence is optimized.

Mutrition is keen to contribute to…

  • Remind mass-consumer that
    you are what you eat’
  • Repair consumer involvement & value food
    ‘food beats smart-phone’
  • Reduce paradox best quality vs low prices
    ‘good quality = good price’
  • Create new rule of thumb
    ‘taste & nutritious food is king, pleasure is queen’
  • Business success food companies
    ‘secure acknowledged value through uniqueness’

Look forward to hear from you when your business and/or idea is related to the above. With services presented below, keen to support your healthy business!

Should you have one or more of the following questions in your business, Mutrition is happy to share thoughts and vision:

  • What is food marketing and how to apply it?
  • How to apply health in products positioning?
  • What does the 80% food failures tell us?
  • Why should every food product apply nutritional concepting?
  • How to connect technical language with customer language?
  • What is the customers’ customer need?
  • Why would you want to secure acknowledged value?
  • When is USP and when is UBR relevant to apply?
  • What should and could you do around data (analytics)?
  • Do you have a healthy Return On Intelligence?
  • How to integrate strategy in operations creating ‘operagy’?

Self learning advice, a unique approach in consultancy, providing advice as well as the underlying knowledge & skills to produce the advice!

Mutrition self learning advice model

Explanation self learning advice model:

  • The company is active in a business through professionals
  • Mutrition secures required knowledge with advice and skills through self learning program
  • Mutrition empowers professionals and through that the company
  • Mutrition integrates nutrition in the positioning of the brands and/or concepts of the company as nutrition is key for healthy businesses!

Reduce your dependency on advice from others within or outside your company. Drop me an email (ruud@mutrition.nl) and we’ll set up a call to see if and how this could work for you.